Rob working at Citrus Investigations and Adjustment Company (1990s).
Rob working at Citrus Investigations and Adjustment Company (1990s).


  • Factual Investigations of Accidents
  • Insurance Casualty Claims (GL) Adjusting
  • Aircraft First Party Claims Adjusting
  • Witness Interviews
  • Scene Investigation
  • Diagramming/Photographs
  • Damage Documentation
  • Witness and Victim Locates
  • Service of Process
  • Surveillance
  • AOE/COE Investigations
  • Written Narrative Style Report Writing as Required or Requested
  • Coordination and Supervision of Experts and Investigators
  • Claim Evaluation
  • Settlement Negotiation/Mediation Attendance

We are private investigators and insurance adjusters and as such are regulated and licensed. The scope of our work will be limited to that agreed upon at the time of assignment and will be in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations. We DO NOT provide legal advice. For legal advice, please contact a lawyer.


While all work will be done in a professional manner, due to the nature of the services we provide, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any service we perform.   Therefore, charges for our services are not contingent upon outcome or results. We do not provide any warranties or guarantees of any kind express or implied, as to the results of any of the services we perform on your behalf.